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Inheritance Series Icons

What was once your life...is now your legend

Inheritence Series Icons
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Welcome to Eragon icons. Before posting, please read the following rules:
1. This community is only for posting icons related to the Inheritance Trilogy books or movies; anything that is not related to them will be deleted.
2. When posting more than three icons, post them under a cut. Only three teaser icons per post.
3. doNt tIpe lyke dis. It's annoying, and makes you look like an idiot.
4. No foul language, harassing, bullying etc. You'll be banned.
5. Any spoilery pictures or icons must be posted under a cut with a warning
6. Enjoy :)

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Can Eragon fan art be posted?

If you have any other questions, please ask here

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The Inheritance Trilogy (sometimes known as the "Eragon" trilogy) is a trilogy by writer Christopher Paolini. So far, the trilogy consists of Eragon and Eldest.
When Eragon, a poor farm boy, finds a polished stone in the woods, he thinks it may buy enough meat to last him and his family for the winter. But when the stone hatches into a dragon, Eragon gets more than he bargained for. In the company of an old storyteller named Brom, Eragon must travel across Alagaesia with his new dragon, Saphira, in order to escape the assasins of the enemy. Can Eragon join the league of the legendary dragon riders? A whole world of danger, magic and adventure await...
There is also a movie in the works ("Eragon": 20th Century Fox).
For more information, go to alagaesia.com, eragonmovie.com, or shurtugal.com.

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